Blue Marlin Sails Again

Blue Marlin Western Consort Skerries bed and Breakfast
Blue Marlin on the water

Since my last update of this page Blue Marlin has sailed several hundred miles with two trips across the channel to Alderney, Gurnsey and Cherbourg, as far west as Fowey and East to Weymouth. Plans are generally left till last minute as we then have a good idea of the direction in which the sailing will be best. I like to have a crew of three on board including me. Janet is not a sailor and so various friends from the Sailing Club crew for me but it will not be long before several grandchildren will be available. At the moment they love going on the boat with the main attraction being my supply of biscuits. Some of our guests have also been out for trip.

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Blue Marlin – Westerly Konsort

In March 2017 I became the proud owner of Blue Marlin, a Westerly Konsort. It took until June before I was happy for her to be launched. She is in good shape and I have enjoyed many happy hours sailing her. So far Plymouth is the furthest we have ventured. She is a lovely heavy and safe boat and several of our guests have enjoyed a sail. She is currently out of the water for the winter and should be launched again in April. I look forward to some great trips next year.

Trip Advisor

A number of people have asked us why we do not appear on Trip Advisor, many have tried to post recommendations and we have also enquired about how to get on it. Apparently we do not meet the requirements because the Sail Loft flat is let self catering. We have tried to explain, that although it can be let entirely self-catering it is often let with breakfast provided in the dining room downstairs. We have received no answer to this from my emails and it does not seem possible to speak to a real person.

Skerries Spicy Old English Sausages

The pigs went to slaughter during November. Our carcass went to Colyton Butcher who jointed it and made sausages. The bacon was cured by us and we have been enjoying excellent bacon and sausages over the past few months. Not surprisingly we are getting towards the end of the bacon but there are still quite a lot of the sausages left which are delicious. I chose to have the more spicy Old English style which was a good decision.

Seasonal Deep Clean

Over the winter a considerable amount of work has gone in to freshen up Skerries for the new season including the annual carpet deep cleaning, wall painting and thorough checking, and replacement of worn items. Last year we replaced the mattresses with the Relyon Classic mattresses which was the best buy in the 2012 “Which Magazine”, survey. Unsolicited comments from last years guests was extremely positive with comments such as, “Best nights sleep for ages” and “Extremely comfortable bed”.
The bed settee cushions in the flat have been replaced with a firmer foam. The original fibre ones were much as they were when new but certainly the new ones are far more comfortable.
We also decided to replace the B and B breakfast ware and after much deliberation went for Denby Ware Imperial Blue which looks very smart and is also hard wearing.

Christmas in Lyme Regis

Christmas in Lyme Regis

It’s Christmas in Lyme regis and Broad St, is looking stunning this year with the new Christmas lights and people coming from all around to see them. A huge improvement from previous years and the Christmas Carols around the tree event was super, very well attended with the Town Band playing and the Royal Lion and Rotary providing soup, mince pies and chestnuts. Many thanks to all who worked so hard to organise it.

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East Cliff Sea Defenses

The promenade and sea defences on the East Cliff are now almost complete and are open to the public. A walk to the end is a must and the entire length of the level sea shore walk is now about double what it used to be. As you go round its gentle curves, looking across the bay to the stunning coastline, you are not aware of how close you are to the busy town and it is a real haven of peace and tranquility. Tastefully produced seats have been built into the back wall and the planting on the rise behind is now starting to soften and hide the structural stabilisation work. The new walk runs from the Eastern end of Church Beach to a point below the allotments, and during the past month paths and steps have been installed taking people from the Charmouth Road car park down to the new promenade. This enables visitors to the town to park in the Charmouth Rd car park and take a very pleasant walk to the and bottom of the town. This is a huge improvement on the old route along the very narrow dangerous and congested with traffic, Church St.

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