Christmas in Lyme Regis

Christmas in Lyme Regis

It’s Christmas in Lyme regis and Broad St, is looking stunning this year with the new Christmas lights and people coming from all around to see them. A huge improvement from previous years and the Christmas Carols around the tree event was super, very well attended with the Town Band playing and the Royal Lion and Rotary providing soup, mince pies and chestnuts. Many thanks to all who worked so hard to organise it.

What a change from last Year about this time. Lyme took quite a battering during the storms last December, Jan and Feb. Even the Christmas tree was broken in one of the gales. The lower picture shows the Cobb at high water 12th Feb. Residents who have lived in Lyme all their lives tell me that they have never seen such a storm. Hundreds of tons of shingle were washed into the harbour, the railings and the leading light were broken and the surface of the Cobb has been damaged.

Directly below is a picture taken 27th Dec 2014.

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