East Cliff Sea Defenses

The promenade and sea defences on the East Cliff are now almost complete and are open to the public. A walk to the end is a must and the entire length of the level sea shore walk is now about double what it used to be. As you go round its gentle curves, looking across the bay to the stunning coastline, you are not aware of how close you are to the busy town and it is a real haven of peace and tranquility. Tastefully produced seats have been built into the back wall and the planting on the rise behind is now starting to soften and hide the structural stabilisation work. The new walk runs from the Eastern end of Church Beach to a point below the allotments, and during the past month paths and steps have been installed taking people from the Charmouth Road car park down to the new promenade. This enables visitors to the town to park in the Charmouth Rd car park and take a very pleasant walk to the and bottom of the town. This is a huge improvement on the old route along the very narrow dangerous and congested with traffic, Church St.

The work became essential when it was realised that the survival of the town was at stake given the extent that the East Beach and beyond was being eroded. At one time there was a farm and a road running directly from Lyme to Charmouth. Potentially the lower part of the Charmouth Rd was under threat together with the properties seaward of it. Into the cliff have been driven hundreds of concrete and steel piles which are wired together in order to stabilise the land, whilst extensive drainage work has been undertaken. It has been a huge undertaking which has taken almost two years in its construction and which the townspeople are immensely proud and thankful for.