Blue Marlin Sails Again

Blue Marlin Western Consort Skerries bed and Breakfast
Blue Marlin on the water

Since my last update of this page Blue Marlin has sailed several hundred miles with two trips across the channel to Alderney, Gurnsey and Cherbourg, as far west as Fowey and East to Weymouth. Plans are generally left till last minute as we then have a good idea of the direction in which the sailing will be best. I like to have a crew of three on board including me. Janet is not a sailor and so various friends from the Sailing Club crew for me but it will not be long before several grandchildren will be available. At the moment they love going on the boat with the main attraction being my supply of biscuits. Some of our guests have also been out for trip.

The Cinema

The Cinema does not seem to have progressed much so far but we live in hope and the Film Society is using the Marine Theatre.
Last year the town was particularly busy with loads going on. Parking became a problem at times but this year it looks like the Park and Ride will be back in operation and so that should help. Various new shops and restaurants have changed hands and the choice of where to eat is huge. By the Bay Restaurant has been sold and is opening shortly as a Stables Bar / Restaurant. On the minus side Lloyds Bank closed last Summer and so there has been a problem with cashpoints. There is one outside Tesco and the Post Office will also provide cash. Additionally I understand that the Amusement Arcade also has one for which there is a charge, and there was talk about having one at the bottom of the town. Not sure what has happened about that.
After a very quiet winter we are all ready for another busy season and look forward to seeing all our guests again.

Best Wishes Chris and Janet.